Ethnobotanical Gardens

The Secwepemc Ethnobotanical Gardens have been created to promote an understanding of Secwepemc culture and the use of Native plants.

There are 5 garden sites, which feature culturally-significant plants from the 5 different eco-zones found within the Secwepemc territory of BC's southern interior.

The purpose of our Gardens is to preserve and pass on the extensive knowledge held by our Elders about the indigenous plants of this region and the various ways they were used.

Along with fishing and hunting, Secwepemc people relied heavily on plants for food, medicines, tools, and implements.  The collecting of plant food was a major Spring, Summer, and Fall activity.  After the plants were gathered, they were prepared for eating and storage.

Plants and plant knowledge to promote both physical and spiritual well-being are an integral part of Secwepemc medicine.  Before the availability of commercially-made implements, plants were the source of a vast range of tools and building materials, as well as fuels.