Secwepemc Archives

Open year-round, must be booked at least 1 week in advance.

  • 8:00 - 4:00 Monday to Friday

The Secwepemc museum and archives, our vision is committed and dedicated to the recording and preserving of the Secwepemc language, oral history and documentation of customs, way of life, foods, unity, social structure, law and territory.

The archive consists of extraordinary and unique collections of maps, photos, one of a kind letters and documents that are irreplaceably important with many key figures of the development and history of the Secwepmec nation.

The archives is home to over 2000 artifacts of stone, bone and antler.  These materials were made into tools, weaponry and implements that sustained the Secwepemc semi-nomadic way of life; included in these resources are rare one of a kind head-dress', ceremonial objects and traditional clothing.

The Secwepemc nation is dedicated in establishing a museum archives that provides a rich collection of history and tradition to the community.  Building of strength and activity is a way of demonstrating unity and re-enforcing partnerships, this is one of the many functions and purposes of having the archives.

Research has been at the fore front of many social, environmental and political movements, history is extremely important to political activism that is happening today we need to know what sort of efforts were done in the past, we need to know which groups we’ve worked with successfully and what has failed, so we can change our path in the future and be able to build more on the past efforts of our leaders, knowledge-holders, elders and ancestors.

The museums archive is incredibly important, the vast untapped primary source of archival materials, images and resources are made public for research and casual browsing. The archives provide a wonderful tool to preserve our past, increase public awareness and visibility in the community as well to allow our past to inform our future.

The museum and archives facility serves as a community based centre, a repository for not only historical information but for contemporary activities and issues concerning the Secwepemc way of life and sustainability.