Canoes and Transportation

The Secwepemc men were noted for their extraordinary "hunting/pi’xem”, "trapping/tsq’west’es” and "fishing/y’ewem-ekwe” skills.

Displayed in the Museum are the two most commonly used canoes the cotton wood dug-out canoe and the birch bark canoe. These canoes were used for transportation, hunting, fishing and gathering berries along the lakes.

The two types of canoes had different uses and advantages.  The cotton wood dug was strong and could take a beating on the river rocks and the birch bark canoe was fast and light weight.

The Exhibit of the black cotton wood dug out and the birch bark canoe depict how they are made, when they were made and how the canoes were constructed. The tools and fishing implements are also displayed showing a wide variety of traditional harpoons and spears. The pronged spear called the "menip”, net weights, fish hooks made of barbed antler points, dip nets, fishing weirs and fish traps these and more are displayed and there uses.