Wild Food Harvest

Wild Food

This exhibit displays life-like indigenous plants in their natural growth form and how they look when they are ready to be harvested, how they were harvested, as well as the nutritional and medicinal properties of each plant.

Featured is a colorful assortment of plants, roots and "berries/speqpe’q” as well as a variety of indigenous teas and "smoking tobacco/smenc” is displayed, how they look before and after being harvested and preserved.

A large variety of vegetables, fruits and berries were harvested and preserved for winter months, some methods of "preserving/ts7elk’w” was drying the vegetables, fruits and berries on mats then preserving them whole or "pounding them/t’upemt” with dried seasoned meats and baking them into cakes.  These were high protein cakes easy to store and pack with them on hunting trips and traveling.